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Meet the teachers

Maria - Music Teacher

Maria Lesniak, Teacher Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher

A graduate of the Jagiellonian University and Papal Theological Academy in Krakow with years of teaching and musical direction behind her, Maria, designated an Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Specialist in Piano by the Royal Conservatory of Music , is an experienced passionate music lover devoted to having students reach their full potential. While focusing on practical piano and vocal teaching , theoretical subjects such as music harmony, theory, and history also lie in her area of expertise.

Dominik - Assistant Piano Teacher

Dominik Wrona, Assistant Teacher

A student of Maria, Dominik is an aspiring young pianist with love for all music and an enthusiastic approach to music teaching. Having completed his Grade 10 from the Royal Conservatory of Music with First Class Honours, Dominik is now planning to complete his ARCT in Piano Performance and continue his journey into music and pianistic performance.

Our Vision

As teachers and educators, our goal is to bring out the best in all our students. We want them not only to enjoy music, but to feel and understand it on a deeper level, so that this understanding can be shared with others through performance. Our aim is for students to be excellent musicians who can express themselves on a professional level through their chosen instruments or voice. Above all, StudioForte wants to introduce and immerse students into the wonderful, enchanting world of music.

Piano, Vocal, Theory, and Organ Lessons

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